Since there are so many welcome offers, how can you know which ones are worth taking advantage of? We decided that we are going to make a survey among our readers and ask them which is the best bingo bonus for new users. This is the best way in which we can be objective and give you an unbiased ranking which reflects on the opinion of actual players.

Offers That Require a Deposit

The initial and most crucial thing you should know when you claim an offer is what kind of bonus you are given since the requirements might differ a lot. We will begin with the promotions that require a deposit because basically, every website has one. You usually receive them on top of your initial deposit, and their amount might be fixed or depend on the amount of the deposit itself. If the sum is fixed, it will rarely be over £60, and you will not get a larger sum even if you make a larger deposit. On the other hand, if it is calculated as a percentage, you might end up claiming up to hundreds of quid if you are willing to deposit more.

How does a bingo deposit bonus work? Another kind is the welcome bonus for newbies in which you are rewarded not only for your initial deposit but for the first three ones as well. This promotion can be found on websites that are powered by Cozy Games and is suitable for users who are willing to deposit more to be able to receive more.

We will also have a look at the combined bonuses as well as the ones that require a code but before we get to that let us give you several pieces of advice based on our experience.

You Should Keep This in Mind about the Latest Bingo Offers

Note that the promotion itself is not withdrawable which is understandable. You have to fulfil some requirements before you request a withdrawal after you claim an offer. Usually, for bingo, they are four times the best bingo bonus + the amount of the money you deposited. However, some sites have a lower requirement like two times the deposit and the bonus.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is that the welcome bonus could be claimed if you make a deposit during a specific period, which is typically about a week. Moreover, it will expire if you do not use it for some time. The time varies, but it is typically about a month.

What welcome bonuses can bingo players claim? Sometimes you can use the top bingo bonus funds for only bingo games, and other times you can use them for casino and side games as well. Keep in mind that there are operators which will allow you to play only in specific bingo rooms.

The last thing that we recommend you to check is the legal gambling age for your country. In our case, the UK, it is 18. However, you should also take into account that the promotion can only be claimed by one person, account, household, and shared IP address. Thus, unfortunately, if you and your partner use the same computer, you are going to get only one bonus.

Exclusive Voucher Codes

Bonus codes are the best way for the sites to check if their marketing campaigns were successful. And as for the users, these special codes give you the opportunity to claim a larger bonus. There are a total of three ways to get your hands on such a coupon.

Personal Email

The marketing teams of the sites keep a track of every account, how active you are, and what transactions you make. Every once in a while they might decide to send you a bonus code to reward you for your loyalty. Alternatively, if you have been inactive for a long period, they might send you one to make you come back.

Social Media

Can you play bingo games through facebook? Almost every bingo sites have Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as a blog in which you will find special promotion, codes and even other goodies. The only thing that you have to do is regularly check the social media platforms.

Exclusive Codes

They guarantee the best deals but are also quite rare. You are going to find such codes on our website. Since we are a trusted bingo guide, we had the necessary reputation to make sure that you get the best bingo bonuses at some of the most loved operators in the UK.

Combined Offers for Bingo and Slots

Some websites separate their bonus in 2 parts. One is for slots and side games, and the other is for bingo tickets. There are both pros and cons to this division. You get a taste of the games on the website, not only bingo. However, the playthrough requirements on bonuses are much larger when we compare them to bingo.

Use bonuses for slots and bingo games! We have seen websites that require you to play the money 99 times to be able to cash out your earnings. However, most require you to do it 20 times or so the sum that you were given after you deposited. Some of the operators that offer combined bonuses are Titanbet, and William Hill, while others like Mecca and Foxy have special promotions for side games that are not part of the welcome package.

How to Play Without a Deposit?

There are a few of those even after the law changed. Some websites are already so popular that they can afford to invest in such bonuses and others just like making the transaction period smoother or see the free welcome promotion as an inevitable expense in order to attract new users. It does not matter than the reason is the no-deposit offers are very welcome. We are going to devote a special article in which we will dwell on the subject but here, we will provide you the most basic tips.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely to find no-deposit offers on Virtue Fusion websites. However, most operators that run on Cozy Games software have free offers between £10 and £15.

You Should Keep This in Mind

The free funds are not real money. The offer is bonus money that can only be used to purchase tickets for betting. However, if you win something from those tickets it will be in real money.

Do you know about the best bingo promotions? Your winnings with this no-deposit bonus might be capped at around £30 once the offer expires.

Do not be surprised if you have to make a deposit before you can withdraw the earnings from the offer.

There might be some limitations that only allow you to play in only several bingo rooms, and the amount of tickets you can purchase might also be limited.

Exclusive vs Networked Promos

The difference here is that the networked ones run throughout the whole network of the developer while the others are available only on one operator. Both of the types have their pros and cons. One advantage of the network offers is the fact that more people take part in them and the jackpots could be massive. Not to mention that the sites might offer more deals when compared to running them by themselves. The obvious drawback is that if this offer requires you to compete with other players to win the prize, thus, there will be thousands of people and your chances will be much smaller. However, if we talk about a promotion that is run throughout the network, it will not matter. It is equally advantageous for every player.

Extra Features You Can Benefit From

Besides these offers, there are a lot of other promotions you can take advantage of every day. For instance, there are daily log in promotions that you can find on many website from the Cozy network. These promotions are not that big, but with them, you can be sure that you will receive something.

Find a free bonus offer for online bingo! There are also the Newbie Rooms in which you can play bingo for free for a specific period, which is usually not bigger than 10 days but most often it is around a week. You will usually find Newbie Rooms on websites which do not offer a no-deposit offer because they use these rooms to compensate for the lack such a promotion. However, you should keep in mind that you usually cannot purchase more than 6 tickets per game and the prizes are rarely over £1.

There are sites which have cashback offers that allow you to compensate a part of your losses. Sounds tempting, right? You are going to get a percentage, that is typically between 5% and 25% of your losses back if the the funds you have deposited in the beginning of the period for the promotion is larger than the money you have in your balance in the end of that period. You should note that if you purchase bingo tickets with bonus funds, you will not claim a cashback. Moreover, it is capped at a specific sum, and it is usually paid out as a bingo bonus, so there will be some playthrough requirements.

The bingo games often have an additional feature which is added so that less people will finish the game without anything. For example, the operators in the Virtue Fusion network have more features than on the other websites, but you will also find 1tg or 2tg games on other websites as well.

Community Perks

Bonuses for members of the bingo community! The more communicative you are, you will get more bonuses. Everyone knows that bingo sites have Twitter accounts, blogs, Facebook pages, as well as special Loyalty Programs that all aim to bring together the players and to make you feel as you are a part of a community with the same goals and interests. The fact that those features reward you with a lot of various bonuses and promotions makes it even better to be social.

Blog Promos

You should follow the posts of the sites to get your hands on the best promotions. You are going to find promotional codes, happy hour offers and a lot more. They are typically paid out in loyalty points or bonus money, but they still give you the chance to play more games.


Have you heard of the Roomie of the Week or the Pet of the Month contests. The initial one is excellent for those of you who have adorable pets, just make a photo and send it to the site. Roomie of the week is a bit tougher to win, you have to be nominated by one of the hosts for being active and treating the players with respect during the last month. The prizes are a lot of loyalty points.

Twitter and Facebook Bonuses

When you like the Twitter or Facebook account of the site you will get approximately 1,500 Loyalty Points. However, that is not it. If you follow their pages, you will have the opportunity to get your hands on additional bonuses by posting something with a particular hashtag, commenting on photos, or they will give codes that are only active for limited amount of time.