It is not tough to find the top new bingo sites, but it is, in fact, hard to find the ones that are worth your money, time, and passion. However, we are ready to help you. We fish the internet for the top offers more often than you change your undies, so if there is a new bingo site online, we will know that it exists.

We know how excited you can be when you manage to find a new website that fulfils your every requirement, it is like finding a parking spot outside of the Buckingham Palace while the Trooping of the colour occurs, you know that it is quite rare and that makes it quite special. We promise to continue looking for new offers and keep you updated on a regular basis. All you have to do is come back every now and then and check what is new.

New Bingo Sites – 8 Things You Should Look for Before Creating an Account

Since there are so many new bingo sites, the questions you have to answer before you begin playing probably seem countless. Moreover, trust is not something that we can offer to anyone online these days. This is why we have prepared a list of eight crucial requirements that new operators must fulfill to earn your trust, so you should think of them as safety checks that you have to perform regularly before you sign up with a new site.

New Bingo Sites – Regulation and Licensing

How are the new bingo websites regulated? After the changes in the past several years, the only license you should look for is from the British Gambling Commission. Jurisdictions that are off-shore such as Malta, Gibraltar, and the Isle of Man are considered responsible only for the players that are not based in the United Kingdom.

Most websites have the logo of the GC somewhere in their footer alongside the license number as well as a link to the website of the commission in which you are able to review their account.

New Bingo Sites – Welcome, Bonus

No-deposit bonuses might become less common, but there are excellent rewards for the players who are new to a specific site. Some websites give you a bonus on your first deposit, others offer free spins and free bingo tickets. This is a way to go around the heavy taxation which is imposed by the new law. However, this should not concern you since it does not matter in what form you get it – a bonus is a bonus.

New Bingo Sites – Promo Codes

There are a couple of cases in which you need a promotional code in order to activate your bonus. It will either be available for everyone who registers at a site or only for selected users. If it is available for everyone, you will probably find that it is already filled out in your registration form. However, if we have a promo code that is only available for our players, it is crucial that you remember to enter it in order to activate the offer.

New Bingo Sites – Bingo Types

You have to consider how many variations the site offers. It is usually 75 and 90-ball bingo. However, you can find these everywhere, there is nothing special. The reality is that sometimes exotic variants of the game just makeweight.

New Bingo Sites – Side Games and Slots

Give the slots at a bingo site a try! Even though these are called usually called side games, they are not something that you should leave aside. They are the perfect addition to an operator because they are simply another fun non-skill game. However, they also have a much faster pace than the bingo games.

In reality, even the new bingo websites do their best to include as many side games as they can in order to cater to users with various preferences. Moreover, every provider and their networks have a signature slot game. For instance, every Cassava website wants to include Fluffy Favourites and the Clover Rollover is included in every Virtue Fusion website.

New Bingo Sites – Mobile Compatibility

Not every newly-launched site starts with a fully-functional mobile platform, but they will certainly have one at some point in time. Even though most websites are already mobile-friendly, you are going to find new operators that only offer slots. On the other hand, other websites will offer web-based applications, but no native ones. This is fine though. If the operator allows you to make a deposit, chat, play and contact the customer support on your mobile device, you will have everything that you might need.

New Bingo Sites – Payment Methods

The new bingo sites typically come with a fully-functional cashier since the financial operations provider is the exact same one for the entire network. The only advice we are able to give you is to check the smallest amount you can deposit and withdrawal and have a glance at the wagering requirements that you have to meet in order to claim your winning.

What payment options do new bingo operators use? We evaluate that the most convenient payment option to try out on a new website is Ukash since you do not have to provide any financial information or create an account. All you have to do is simply go to the nearest location and purchase a voucher that features a 19-digit code. Then all you will have to do is simply enter the code, and your account will be funded.

New Bingo Sites Support

This might not as crucial as the licensing or the variety of games, but it is still a feature that will make your life easier if you have an issue or a query. For example, if you do not know how you can claim a specific offer or how to play on your phone, you will not want to wait for weeks until someone finally answers your email. Operators that have a 24/7 toll-free line are always rated high on our list.

Why Should You Play with a New Operator, Though?

It was not so long ago that we considered new websites because of their better offers and larger bonuses. Every new operator must try to build a loyal community by providing them with advantageous offers. This was also the simplest way for them to stand out and give you another reason to try out what they offer. However, it is becoming more difficult for the new bingo sites to kick start with a massive welcome bonus because of the gambling tax changes. So, now they have to resort to new ways to attract users like a bigger portfolio, easier transactions and better customer support.

Would you play at a new bingo site? So why should you change your website if you are not going to get a large bonus? This is because the first players that register might get more benefits as the website gains popularity since they will be considered as loyal ones. You are going to be one of the first ones to try out every new thing that comes out and when they come with a nice offer, and you will also have somewhere to go when you get bored of the other websites.

What are the other things that can attract hundreds of users, you may ask. Well, games, obviously. There are more branded bingo rooms every month, so why not join in the fun?

There is a lot of competition, and everyone does their best to think of a way to diversify the games a little so that they become more engaging. Different developers use various features. You will have to find out which ones you like by trying them on your own.

Which Bingo Developers Are Likely to Add More New Sites to their Networks?

This is an objective way to look at the new websites without compromising our honesty. We do not want to brainwash you and make you choose a specific site. We prefer to show you the common features that most of the new websites in a network share so that it will be much easier for you to wrap your mind around the various options.

You will see that there are only a few providers that can boast with many new users of their networks. The rest of them are less likely to launch new websites. However, want to outline their general advantages so that you know what you can expect. Moreover, if someone decides to launch a new site, we will surely be the first which will let you know.

Will the Law Changes Affect the Brand New Bingo Sites?

Laws regarding the latest bingo websites! Of course. The new law imposes bigger taxes, harsher control, and strict rules. Every UK bingo site has to pay 15% of their profit, and this will change the way new websites attract customers. The no-deposit bonuses we got used are no longer favourable for operators since the bingo tickets that are purchased with bonus funds will be taxed the same way as the ones that are bought with real money.

In other words, they are considered as a profit. Operators will have to resort to other methods to reward the newly registered clients. These will include cashback offers, free spins, and even free tickets.

Thus, you see that there is a massive change in the way new websites attract customers but it does not necessarily mean that you will receive less than before. It is just that they have to find a new way to reward you.

Yet another expected change is the consolidation of the market. The point of consumption tax that we mentioned above will make it tougher for the smaller sites to be profitable and they might be forced out of the industry. Imagine the investment that is needed for a new online bingo site, we sincerely doubt that a lot of operators can afford it. Thus, the only logical decision for them is going to be to consolidate.

We believe we are going to see many mergers, acquisitions as well as a significantly smaller number of newly-launched sites. However, the triple tax whammy might turn out to be advantageous to the users. So, this will be a situation in which natural selection will happen, and only the best-performing sites will manage to stay on the market.

If we only think in terms of the interest of the users, the new regulations are like a quality guarantee. We will continue to watch out for changes closely and will list every new site that joins a network.

New Bingo Sites – Conclusion

What is the future of new bingo operators? To sum up, the price of a UKGC license and the new taxation law will surely influence the bingo market. There will be less but better bingo websites in 2018 which will have to work really hard to keep their players and impress new ones.

The way bonuses and promotions work will entirely change so it may be a good idea to read about the various types of perks and offers and learn how to squeeze even the last drop of value. And even though no-deposit bonuses are quite rare, we will search every corner of the Internet to find аs many as we can just for you.